Pre-register now for Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy

Square Enix has opened pre-registration for its upcoming mobile Final Fantasy title, Mobius. RPG fans in the US and Europe can now pre-register and earn early rewards at In-game bonuses will be decided by how many users register for the game. For example, 50,000 registrations will unlock an exclusive Yuna card. In-game rewards will be sent to registered players once the game is finally released. All you need to register is a valid email address.

Mobius Final Fantasy is a new mobile title by the team that created to original Final Fantasy series. The game was built specifically for mobile devices, and it boasts a who's who of game designers from previous titles. Creators such as Yoshinori Kitase (Final Fantasy 6) and Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 10) have teamed up to create the ultimate freemium Final Fantasy game for mobile devices.

Touch Arcade published an early preview of the Japanese version of the game back in 2015. Shaun Musgrave compares Mobius to Puzzle & Dragons -- a match-3 puzzle battle game. The game includes cards players can use in battle to cast deadly spells. Players can also fuse and evolve cards, unlock and change job classes for specific advantages and bring friends into battle. The battle system includes touch-based controls where players can touch enemies to attack, perform combos and use a "break gauge similar to the one seen in Final Fantasy 13," according to Musgrave.

Mobius Final Fantasy has been described as a "social RPG" with a stamina meter and premium currency, which may be a turnoff to some players. You can pre-register for Mobius Final Fantasy and receive email updates, or just follow along at

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