How to show your support for Apple in battle over encryption with the FBI

The nonprofit group, Fight for the Future, is looking for support in its campaign to save security. The group plans to hold a rally outside the San Bernardino Courthouse where Apple will take on the FBI over iPhone security on March 22nd. Pro-encryption advocates can leave a message of support for Apple on The messages will then be displayed outside the courthouse on the day of Apple's hearing.

iPhone and iPad owners can also download banners and images to display on social media or blogs, and donate money to the ongoing battle over privacy.

The FBI is trying to force Apple to create a backdoor to access an iPhone 5c owned by the terrorists responsible for the mass San Bernardino shooting in 2015. Apple has opposed a federal court order to unlock the device for the FBI citing a policy to never undermine the security of its products. In a message posted on, Fight for the Future notes that it plans to "educate as many people as possible that this is not just about one phone," but "it's about all of our safety." To do so Fight for the Future needs the public to show its support by spreading the word.

Fight for the Future has led successful online campaigns in the past against CISPA and SOPA.

Apple's refusal to comply with the FBI's request has led to a heated national debate over encryption and security. Public figures such as Donald Trump, Bill Gates and more have all publicly sided with either Apple or the FBI. Comedian also featured the debate on his HBO television series, Last Week Tonight. You can watch the segment below.


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