Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition coming to tablets on May 28

QCF Design has announced that Desktop Dungeons will be available for the iPad on May 28. The roguelike RPG will cost $9.99, and it will feature all the new Enhanced Edition content that was released to the PC version in April. This includes the seeded adventures called DERPs and cloud support.

The really good news is that owners of the desktop version will be able to transfer their progress to the iPad version using their Desktop Dungeons account, but you will still download the app from the App Store. The bad news is the game will not support the iPod touch or iPhone, but there will be a simultaneous release on Android.

The Goatperson DLC will not be available on the mobile version, but you will be able to access it on the iPad it if you have it downloaded on the desktop version.

QCF did not say what specific iPad models or Android tablets the game will support, but you can probably ask them on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You can also learn more about the tablet release via the blog.

Update: Desktop Dungeons will support the iPad 2 and later.

Desktop Dungeons is a single-player RPG where players can crawl randomly generated dungeons in 10-minute sessions. The game is currently available on Steam starting at $15.

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