Toys R Us Retail Stores Now Carry the iPad 2

For those who have complained that the iPad is "just a toy" the latest retailer to carry Apple's tablet will bring a chuckle. Toys R Us has jumped on the bandwagon and now offers the iPad 2 at select stores nationwide, along with iPad cases and accessories. The complete list of Toys R Us stores carrying the iPad 2 is available online, however this is no guarantee that the product will be in stock.

Toys R Us selling iPad 2 retail

Apple still lists a 2-3 week shipping time for the iPad 2 when purchased online in the Apple Store. Toys R Us joins retailers Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart along with wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon in offering the tablet computer.

For all of the hype surrounding the post-PC world, Apple is at least doing its part to spread the iPad to as many different retailers as possible, even those not typically associated with selling mobile electronics or computers. High demand is keeping iPad 2 supplies low, and reports have already surfaced of Toys R Us stores selling out of their initial inventory.

The new retail deal shows just how much interest there is in the iPad 2 from kids and gaming enthusiasts alike. Apple recently was slapped with a lawsuit over in-app purchases, thanks to children racking up charges on their parents' credit cards using iTunes. Some games such as Smurf Village encouraged in-app purchases of smurfberries, costing up to $100 each purchase. Apple has since added more security to the feature to help prevent abuse.

Later this year (meaning before the holiday shopping season), Toys R Us expects to have the iPad 2 in all of its stores nationwide.

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