Stoic Studio's The Banner Saga Coming to Tablets This Summer

Versus Evil announced today via Twitter that Stoic Studio's The Banner Saga is "coming to tablets this summer". The company did not mention the iPad by name, but it is probably safe to assume that Apple's tablet will be supported when the game is released.

The game is a resource management, Viking-themed role-playing title about a wandering army sent to fight the a warlike race called the Dredge. Players must ration food and keep their caravan alive by making difficult story-based decisions while trying to figure out how to defeat the Dredge and its evil leader, the Bellower.

The game features a grid-based tactical battle system and the ability to build a party of characters with different abilities. Think Final Fantasy meets Oregon Trail with hand-drawn animation sequences.

Everything from your conversations to combat will have an effect on the outcome of your game. There over 25 playable characters from 2 different races and even a free to play “Factions” multiplayer game where you can sharpen your skills.

You can learn more about The Banner Saga on the official Stoic Studio website. The game is currently available on Steam or available as a $30 download for the PC from retailers like GameStop.

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