SkyView Travel Mount Gives You Hands Free Access to Your Mobile Device on Long Flights

Griffin Technologies has just made traveling long distances even more bearable thanks to its SkyView travel tray mount for mobile devices. The SkyView clips into the latch of most seat-back tray tables so you don't have to hold your smartphone or e-reader on long trips. The mount also works as a stand on your tray table, and is compatible with most mobile compact devices thanks to its adjustable cradle grips. The SkyView can be used on airplanes, trains or buses, as long as they provide personal tray tables for passengers.

Skyview Travel Tray

The SkyView supports all of Apple's smartphones and the iPad mini. It can also hold compact e-readers and Samsung smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to support larger tablets like the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can see a list of compatible devices here.

The best part is it's only priced at $30. Griffin also promises it only takes a "second" to install and remove. You can order the SkyView travel tray mount now via

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