RPG Starship Captain: Adventure In Alpha Sector Coming to iPad Tonight

A new free-to-play RPG called Starship Captain: Adventure In Alpha Sector for the iPad is set to land on the App Store tonight. The strategy title was originally launched in 1995 as a web-based game called Space Pirate, before going through a few changes over the years. The latest version is a strategy game where players can travel from planet to planet to trade goods and seek adventure. Players can also take on missions, mine asteroids and plunder other ships to build their own space fortune.

Starship Captain

The game features "arcade-like battles and short stories told through mission text, according to the developer's blog. The short stories will mostly be told at spaceport bars where players can talk to other characters from the game and hire crew. Players will also be able to upgrade their ship and will have to manage resources such as fuel.

The game will be offered ad-free but will include timers and in-app purchases to travel between planets. Here's a list of features from the official App Store description:

• Buy cargo at one spaceport and take it to another to sell for a profit.
• Accept missions to deliver strange and unusual cargo.
• Talk to characters at spaceport bars to hire crew, find treasure and unravel mysteries.
• Upgrade your ship’s weapons, armor, shields and engines.
• Fight other ships to take their cargo with a unique simple combat system.
• Fly around asteroid fields and mine them for ore and precious metals.
• Manage your fuel, crew and other factors to maximize profit.
• Play completely for free, or buy relativity crystals to speed up travel between distance star systems.

Starship Captain: Adventure In Alpha Sector will support the iPad 2 and later and all three iPad mini models.

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