Report: Next Generation iPad to Feature OLED Screen

Sure the iPad 3G hasn't even shipped yet, but of course Apple likes to keep things on the cutting edge. Taiwan-based newspaper DigiTimes reports that Apple plans to use an OLED display in the second-generation iPad design. The paper, which is focused on the supply side of the electronics and communications industries, claims that sources in the component industry are aware of Apple's OLED intentions.

The video above demonstrates a Samsung OLED prototype screen. Apple is expected to refresh the iPad line next year with a variety of improvements. A new operating system is already slated for release this fall. An OLED screen would dramatically improve battery life and significantly decrease the weight and thickness of a future iPad.

OLED prices are expected to drop over the next 12 months, however the current differential in price is steep. The 9.7-inch LCD iPad screen in current models costs under $100, while an OLED equivalent runs around $500.

Prior to the keynote speech, there were rumors that Apple was planning to release the first-generation iPad with an OLED screen, however these reports failed to come true. Apple did use a screen with IPS technology, which makes the image easier to see from more extreme angles than a regular LCD.

In other rumors, Apple is said to be working on notebook computers with OLED screens as well, possible manufactured by LG.

OLED screens are much more efficient than LCD because each pixel emits its own light, instead of a backlight being required behind the image layer. As seen in the video above, OLED screens can also be made flexible and virtually unbreakable since they are so thin.

DigiTimes also discussed the design of the next-generation iPad, and wrote that the device would follow the same design concept as the iPhone 4. The fourth-generation iPhone is expected to hit shelves this summer with an updated profile and new operating system software.

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