Modern Combat 5: E3 Trailer for the iPad and iPhone

Gameloft has posted the "E3" trailer for Modern Combat 5. The trailer doesn't reveal much about the actual game, but fans are hopeful that Gameloft will unveil more next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 2013 is being held at at the Los Angeles Convention center on June 11-13.

Modern Combat 5's predecessor Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, was released for iOS devices in 2012. The game is a sequel to 2009's Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. The Modern Combat games are first-person shooters, and have been compared to the popular Call of Duty console games.

Fans have their fingers crossed that Modern Combat 5 won't be a freemium game. The freemium game model is becoming popular with larger developers such as EA, because they can make more money on in-app purchases, instead of charging a one-time download fee. Fans were not happy about EA's decision to turn popular games like Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Real Racing 3 into freemium games.

Gameloft did not announce an official release date for Modern Combat 5, but did mention it will be available for both Andorid and iOS devices.

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