iPotty on Sale for a Limited Time [Deals]

Are you looking for the ultimate gag gift? CTA Digital's iPotty has popped up on Amazon's Limited-Time Deals of the Day, and shockingly it is kind of selling fast. 66% of the available stock has already been claimed with over an hour left before the deal expires. Who knew the iPotty would be so popular!

iPotty Sale

Earlier this year numerous tech blogs voted the iPotty as the most useless product at CES 2013. It is a plastic potty training seat that includes an adjustable iPad stand for entertaining toddlers while they learn to make boom boom on the toilet. The iPotty also features a removable touchscreen splash guard, a removable inner bowl for easy cleanup, and it can be even be converted into an activity seat.

The iPotty is currently available for only $25.59 on Amazon.com. That's 36% off its original price. This deal is part of Amazon's daily holiday sale and will end when stock runs out or when time expires. So be quick and don't miss out on one of the oddest iOS accessories ever created!

Also don't laugh, because we have all brought our iPad and especially our iPhone into the bathroom with us at some point in our lives.

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