iPad Survives 60-Foot Crash Test Thanks To G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case

None of the high school Science classes that I ever attended did any of the fun stuff like you see in the movies or on TV; like dropping an egg from a ladder, or having to take care of an egg like it's a baby. We did dissect a frog once, but someone used a stink bomb in class, and the teacher canceled all future dissections. Not a very effective punishment if you ask me.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case

Maybe that's why this video has me so excited. Imagine being able to throw an iPad off a cherry picker to see what happens. That's exactly what the creators of the G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case did to prove that their iPod case actually protects your device. In a video published on YouTube, the G-Force team demonstrates how a hard and soft tablet case survives a 60-foot drop onto pavement. You can see the results below.

The G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case features reinforced polycarbonate Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) that protects your tablet from drops, scratches and whatever else you may accidently throw at it. The model in the video comes with an adjustable easel stand and an inside pocket for documents. The Extreme Portfolio Case can be used with any 10-inch tablet, not just the iPad.

The Extreme Portfolio is available for pre-order ($79.95) via G-Form.com.

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