How to Print from Microsoft Office for iPad

Ever since the launch of Microsoft's suite of Office apps for iPad, users have noticed the lack of one key function: the ability to print. While Microsoft has insisted that future versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad will add printing capabilities, no timeline has been announced.

how to print from MS office iPad

Luckily, there are workarounds that make it possible to print from the mobile version of your favorite Office application. While the world waits for Microsoft to update Office 365 and its iPad apps to accommodate hard copies, users can start printing now thanks to third-party software. ThinPrint Cloud Printer from Cortado does the trick, and can be found on the iOS App Store free of charge.

In order for printing to work, a copy of Microsoft's free OneDrive app must be installed. Once these two apps are in place on the iPad, the fun can begin. Here are three steps to print from Office for iPad:

1. Configure ThinPrint Cloud Printer to work with the printer attached to your computer. Check these instructions from Cortado to get Cloud Printer up and running.

2. Save or copy the iPad document you want to print to Microsoft OneDrive.

3. From the OneDrive app, select the document you wish to print then choose Open in Another App. Select ThinPrint Cloud Printer to start printing.

While this workaround is relatively simple, many users will be on the lookout for updates to add built-in print capabilities to the Office suite of iPad apps. The good news is that the feature is definitely in the works. One team member explained on Reddit that "print is a high demand feature that we intend to introduce in due course.”

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