Get Your Animal Crossing Fix on the iPad with Castaway Paradise

Stolen Couch Games today released a trailer for Castaway Paradise, which looks a lot like Nintendo's popular Animal Crossing community simulation game. The developers have been testing the game in Canada since November, and plan to release an iPad version followed by an iPhone version sometime this year.

The game is a resource management title where players can customize their own character and "decorate" a village while interacting with other players. The developers of Castaway Paradise said they are "not hiding" where they got their "inspiration, and cited Animal Crossing as their muse on the TouchArcade forums.

Stolen Couch Games' goal is to bring an Animal Crossing-like experience to iOS devices since Nintendo refuses to release their titles to any mobile platforms.

In Animal Crossing, players interact with anthropomorphic animals while carrying out various activities such as planting plants. The game is an open-ended title, meaning there is no end objective.

The Animal Crossing franchise has been a huge hit for Nintendo selling 16.5 million units worldwide. The game features three sequels and has been released to the Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, and the Nintendo 3DS systems.

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