Foursaken Releases Phantom Rift Trailer

Foursaken Media today released the first teaser trailer for Phantom Rift. The game is being described as a mix of Bastion and Mega Man Battle Network with tons of equipment, abilities and customization." In the game, players take on the role of a wizard who must journey through various dungeons while battling random monsters and collecting loot.

The game will feature a unique battle system with over 120 spells. Players will be able to carry up to 30 magic spells at one time, but will only get a "random selection of 5 spells" to use when they fill their special meter during a battle, according to Touch Arcade. This will give battles a sense of randomness and force users to use various combinations of spells to defeat their opponents instead of sticking to a few favorites.

Touch Arcade also reports that the game will include a "crazy amount of equipment and character customization options". Phantom Rift will feature everything from hats to armor and a selection of staffs, swords and other gear to outfit your wizard with.

Even the multiplayer mode is ambitious and interesting. Players will be able to randomly run into other players and battle them for rewards. Losing a multiplayer battle won't cost you a lot, and the game will even pair you against similar level opponents to keep things fair.

Phantom Rift really sounds like the game to keep your eye on in 2014. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices in Q3 of 2014. You can follow @FoursakenMedia or on Facebook for future updates.

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