Dungeon Crawler 'Legend of Grimrock' Gets First Gameplay Trailer for iPad

Independent Finnish developer Almost Human has released the first gameplay trailer for the tablet version of Legend of Grimrock. The first person dungeon crawler made its debut for Windows and OS X in 2012 and spawned a sequel Legend of Grimrock II in 2014. In the game, players control a party of one to four characters as they explore dungeons and gain experience by slaying various monsters.

In the video you will see that the iOS version features touch screen controls for movement and swipe controls to cast spells.

Almost Human didn't specify any release date, or if the game will be available on any other platforms, such as the iPhone or Android tablets.

You can learn more about Legend of Grimrock by following Almost Human on Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE: An Almost Human blog post states that the game has just "entered the closed beta testing stage" and that developer Juha Pinola is "currently busy fixing the remaining bugs, smoothing the hard edges and balancing the game". The blog post also notes that the Mac version Legend of Grimrock II is "progressing well."

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