Cut The Buttons: A Free Button Cutting Game For iPad

Cut The Buttons is another simple mini-game for iOS in which you perform a repetitive task for points. The goal of the game is to—as the title implies—cut the buttons off pieces of fabric that are flying through the air for some reason. There is a paid version of the app available for $0.99 and a Lite version for free that comes with minimal advertising.

Cut The Buttons iPad Game

The buttons get cut with a pair of scissors that you manipulate with two fingertips, making a sort of scissoring motion with the thumb and forefinger of your chosen gaming hand. After you snip the buttons, they drop down into a container below. You get points for just cutting a button, but then there is a secondary counter letting you know how many you've gotten into the basket. Neither of these seem to mean anything except for tracking how long you've managed to play.

According to the game's details in the iOS store, once you collect 100 buttons, you get a free button back. There are achievements, most awarded by the amount of buttons you've cut or the number of cups you've filled with buttons. I don't even want to think about how long it would take a player to cut 100,000 buttons.

In the classic version of the game, if you miss a button, and it remains attached to the fabric, you get a strike. As expected, three strikes end the game. You are also penalized for cutting metal rivets, which are not actually buttons. The arcade version is a time challenge without the strikes, but it is not available on the free version of the game.

The music is well produced, and the game looks great. The motion is smooth and well animated, and the colors are bright. I also have to admit, the scissor control is clever, although far more tolerable on the iPad than playing on an iPhone. The smaller screen makes the scissoring motion very frustrating. The iPad version is also a bit more complex, including a multiplayer mode that uses two pairs of scissors and twice as much flying fabric.

Cut The Buttons iPad Game

Although Cut the Buttons has 100% more button cutting than other games, when you put that and the controls that require two fingers aside, you are essentially just playing a less entertaining clone of Fruit Ninja.

If you enjoy repetitive motion that will probably result in carpal tunnel and seems to build to no goal, this game is absolutely for you. Personally, I can't think of anything more droll than creating a collection of virtual buttons, but with the added stress of cutting them while they are flying through the air, I can't think up a less appealing game.

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