Botanicula Coming to the iPad May 1st

The popular point-and-click exploration game Botanicula is coming to the App Store on May 1, 2014. Botanicula is currently only available for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux, and it is also being considered for a future Android release.


The game features five playable plant-like creatures who must solve puzzles and collect items while trying to save the last seed from their home which has been infested by evil spiders. The five playable characters are Mr. Lantern, Mrs. Mushroom, Mr. Poppyhead, Mr. Twig and Mr. Feather. Each character features a special characteristic such as Mr. Lantern's ability to absorb seeds to give himself more power.

Botanicula will only be available for the iPad when it is released in May. Pricing is unknown at this time. You can keep updated on the iOS port by following Amanita Design on Twitter / Facebook or by visiting the official website. Here's the official iPad trailer:

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