Apple Will Release iPad Update to Fix Wi-Fi Problems

Apple has recognized that a small number of iPad users are having persistent problems connecting and staying connected to Wi-Fi networks. The problem first cropped up with the initial release of the iPad in early April. Two support documents have been issued to help resolve the problem.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi problems

The first support document details steps to improve Wi-Fi performance on the iPad and includes basic information such as "confirm that your Wi-Fi router is switched on." Presumably, this document didn't do much to help struggling iPad users who were experiencing a genuine problem with their iPad connectivity.

Reports of weak signal strength, the inability to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network, and no access to the Internet while connected have resulted in a new support document from Apple titled iPad: Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Besides listing some workarounds for the problems, Apple states that a future iPad software update will address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues. This is welcome news for those iPad owners affected by the problems.

In the meantime, users experiencing Wi-Fi issues can try the following:

1. Update your Wi-Fi router firmware
2. Use WPA or WPA2 wireless security
3. Increase screen brightness above the minimum and turn auto-brightness OFF
4. Renew your IP address by selecting Renew Lease under Settings -> Wi-Fi -> [Your Network]

No word yet on a release date for the software fix. Apple plans to release the next generation iPhone OS on the iPad this fall. Firmware version 4 will add multiple features and bring the same operating system version to the iPhone and iPad.

[via NY Times]

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