Apple May Have to Defend iPad Name

Turns out that Apple is not the first company to use iPad to name one of its products. Apple ran into similar problems after it launched the iPhone in 2007, when Cisco sued for infringement.

Apple and Cisco have settled their disagreement, but what looms on the horizon for the iPad name? Japanese tech company Fujitsu first applied for an iPad trademark in 2003, and currently sells a mobile device under the name.

Fujitsu's iPad is used in retail stores to keep track of inventory and verify prices. The company stated that they are exploring their options in the wake of Apple's iPad announcement.

Swiss chip maker STMicroelectronics is also investigating the situation, as they own a trademark on the name "IPAD." They use the name to describe proprietary technology known as Integrated Passive and Active Devices:

By combining different types of passive and active element on a monolithic silicon substrate, IPAD products integrate the various functions required by wireless and consumer applications.

Even more iPads exist in different industries, although these are less likely to cause problems with Apple's iPad name. A Canadian firm owns the trademark for iPad padded bras, and German company Siemens uses the name on engines.

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