Apple iPad Could Ship With Built-in Camera

Evidence has surfaced that Apple iPad prototypes and possibly the model demoed by Steve Jobs himself have an integrated forward-facing camera. Photos have shown possible built-in cameras just like the iSight camera installed on current iMac models.

Apple iPad webcam

By no means definitive, this enhanced photo from Wired shows a light, round spot right where one would expect the iSight camera to be located. The iMac bezel has an identical design and existing iSight cameras, which are used for video chat and photo taking, appear much the same.

Further evidence of a camera surfaced on Engadget in the leaked iPad prototype photo just days before the Apple keynote event. The iPad is enclosed is some kind of security hardware or carrying case but looking at the black rim, one can see clear indentations in the bezel around the home button.

Apple iPad webcam

Upon further examination there's a similar bezel indentation at the top of the device, in the exact same location as the purported iSight camera in the Wired photo. It's possible that iPad prototypes included a camera but Apple is leaving the feature out of the first generation hardware to keep the price down.

Since official specifications of the iPad are already posted on Apple's website, we find it hard to believe that Apple will ship the first generation with a webcam.

As some have already pointed out, the iPad would make an excellent video chat device, as one could causally talk in a videoconference while the iPad was on a stand or resting on the user's lap sitting on the couch. It remains to be seen if potential buyers of the device will be discouraged if a webcam fails to materialize in early iPad models.

We do believe it's a matter of time until this feature is added. It could be that as early as the second generation Apple will add an iSight camera to the iPad. This would fit the company's iPhone pattern of slowly adding features and functionality to keep up with the competition and retain the public's interest in their products.

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