Pogo Sketch

For those looking to use an iPad stylus, Ten One Design offers the Pogo Sketch. The body of the Pogo Sketch is a lightweight aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. The soft tip glides easily on any capacitive touch screen display (including the iPhone) and is also compatible with Apple multi-touch MacBook track pads. A pen clip holds the Pogo Sketch in a pocket or the stylus can be tied via the built-in end loop. The Pogo Sketch comes in two colors, hot pink or silver and retails for $14.95.


Radtech Styloid

Patterned after a fine writing instrument, the Radtech Styloid allows precise control the iPad interface. Useful for users with large fingers or long nails who typically have difficulty manipulating screen elements. Also works with other capacitive touch screen devices (i.e. iPhone) and most laptop computer trackpads.

The Radtech Styloid features a hard-anodized aluminum barrel with polished stainless steel accents and pocket clip. The styloid is free of any sharp edges which could scratch the device being controlled.

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