Stands and Mounts

Padlette for iPad

Padlette is a simple silicone rubber strap that slides over two corners of the iPad, creating an elastic handle. Similar to how a painting palette is specially designed, the Padlette makes it possible to easily hold an iPad with one hand.

Padlette can be used to securely tether an iPad to your hand, or the Padlette can be gripped in a variety of different ways with the fingers. The accessory comes in seven different colors and sells for $25.00. Get more information at

ClayWare Games Pad Bracket

ClayWare Games now sells the Pad Bracket, a specially designed plastic wall mount for the iPad. Simply install with the included screws and wall anchors. The iPad slips in and out of the Pad Bracket with ease, but is securely held just in front of the wall. Use your iPad wall mounted in portrait or landscape mode without blocking any ports or controls.

Pad Bracket sells for $24.95 plus shipping. For more information on the Pad Bracket visit the ClayWare Store.

Hard Candy Kickstand

Hard Candy joins the iPad stand movement with its own creation, the iPad Kickstand. Collapsible feet integrated into the lightweight polycarbonate body provide an optimum ergonomic typing angle when deployed. The case itself shields the iPad from bumps and scrapes without adding bulk. A snap-on lid provides extra screen protection in transit, and the Apple iPad Dock can be used without removing the Kickstand. Hard Candy offers the Kickstand in five colors for $59.95.

Proporta Tilt Stand

Proporta's Tilt Stand not only protects the iPad from impacts with a tough polycarbonate plastic shell, it also comes with a built-in stand that folds up seamlessly into the streamlined case. The stand can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and provides a variety of adjustable angles for typing or viewing content. The Tilt Stand is available for pre-order at $51.95.

Tree Frog Pad

The Tree Frog Pad is a 7 x 9 inch tacky rubber pad. The grip is strong and permanent, and never leaves a residue on the iPad. Roll up the Tree Frog Pad to make a stand for typing on a flat surface, or use the pad as a screen protector while in transit. The pad can also be used to attach the iPad to other objects, making a stand. When the pad gets dirty just wash with mild soap and water and the tackiness returns like new. Tree Frog Pad is available for $12.95.

Griffin A-Frame

The Griffin A-Frame is a heavy-duty aluminum stand that swings out to hold your iPad up for easy viewing. The iPad rests in a non-slip silicone-padded groove in either landscape or portrait orientation. Space for the docking cable is built in, and the A-Frame will hold the iPad even if it's inside a flexible or hard shell case. The A-Frame also folds into a low angled position for typing and desktop use. Available for pre-order now at $49.99.

iPad Frame Dock

The iPad Frame Dock is made of real wood and a stainless steel inner frame to give your iPad that classic, framed look when displaying photos. The frame is available in several different color combinations, including stainless dark brown, stainless black, standard light brown, standard dark brown, and standard natural. Standard natural allows the user to stain or paint a custom color on the iPad frame. The iPad Frame Dock runs $49.95.

M-Edge FlexStand

M-Edge's FlexStand is designed to be a compact, lightweight and highly adjustable hands-free viewing solution. The iPad is easily inserted or removed from the accessory using four rubber feet at the corners of the device. Flexible legs made of steel move to accommodate a variety of positions including landscape or portrait orientations. FlexStand even holds the iPad vertical on sloped surfaces and curls up for easy portability.

modulR iPad Case and Accessory System

UPDATE (8/21/2010): You can now view our first look at modulR including a brief overview of the system, and lots of photos.

ModulR's motto is "go anywhere, do anything" for a reason. The modulR iPad Case doesn't only protect the iPad, it actually creates new uses for the device with a system of interlocking parts. The four little feet on the back of the iPad case lock into one of four different accessories made by modulR. Although pricing has not been announced, the product is slated for launch in Summer 2010.

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